SIP Trunking

At Daisy Wholesale, we have taken the time to find the right SIP products for our Partners to take their customer on the journey to IP. Choose from unbundled, fantastic value SIP with features such as:

  • Fraud protection
  • Self-manage portal
  • Compliant call recording
  • Free Web RTC – “Click to Call”

Alternatively, you might want a SIP Product with bundled local, national and UK headline mobile minutes that’s feature rich, offering:

  • GDPR and PCI compliant call recording
  • Advanced call barring
  • DDI level resiliency and failover
  • Call analytics
  • End user portal access

Perhaps your business needs both products to truly meet your customers’ needs. At Daisy Wholesale we are confident we have everything you need, including connectivity, to provide a converged solution to your customers.

Why SIP Trunking?

  • Cost Savings – SIP Channel rental is over 50% cheaper than ISDN with savings to be made on call costs too, with bundled SIP
  • Future Ready – the ideal replacement for ISDN, offering customers a way to make and receive calls without the need to completely replace their on-premise telephone system
  • Resilient – numbers and trunks can be programmed for failover scenarios, keeping our customers talking at all times
  • Quality and Reliability – 99.95% availability backed by service level guarantees
  • Secure – Fraud detection and prevention and call spend management systems ensure your customers’ lines and calls are secure and protected

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