Partner Application Suite

Partner Application Suite is our newest portfolio of products, providing the tools you need to streamline your operations and optimise your resources.


For document management, security and compliance

At Daisy we believe the key to GDPR compliance is understanding your data. Wisdom from Daisy can help by providing a transparent view of how your data is stored, managed and accessed. The service searches, analyses and checks all file servers and data sources, reporting on sensitive data, access controls, security permissions and stagnant data. Wisdom Cloud extends this process to ensure GDPR compliance is sustained as your data evolves.




The latest addition to our portfolio, Enskil, is an application that enables you to find Daisy engineers with a specified skill set, available in a chosen location. Not only does this free up business time, it enhances your level of customer service by ensuring customers’ outages are resolved quickly and SLAs are always met. This service can be fully integrated into your company website and is accessible to your customers via a mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Managed Billing

Secure, intuitive, stable and feature-rich

The Daisy Wholesale Managed Billing Solution is market-leading with pricing starting at only £99 per month. Offering an intuitive user experience, the solution enables you to manage your costs and billing activities easily and efficiently. You retain complete control of your customers and pricing whilst we ensure your bills are clearly presented, on time, accurately and securely.


One and Only Webstore


Competitively priced hardware from world-class vendors, including HP, Dell, Mitel, Avaya and Panasonic, can be purchased quickly and easily through a single platform. What’s more, we offer the options of credit card payment or subscription finance, providing a whole host of benefits including increased flexibility.

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