To link multiple sites and manage the flow of data across those sites. The benefits include reduced cost and an improvement in the quality of communications between sites, the ability for a single voice solution to be deployed across all business locations with opportunities to utilise cloud-based applications and the flexibility and scalability essential for future growth.

Key features and benefits:

  • Enables multiple sites to act as homogeneous networks
  • Easy to share servers and printers across multiple sites
  • Reduced traffic tromboning
  • Single internet breakout, easy to secure by means of firewalls and content filtering
  • Internal network not exposed to the outside world
  • Easy to expand with additional sites
  • No restriction on private fixed IP addresses, making VoIP configuration easier and more secure
  • Cost-effective

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Daisy’s SD-WAN offers a lightweight solution for traditional technologies by providing managed dynamic path selections, zero-touch provisioning and multi-site VPN capabilities. The benefits of SD-WAN are substantial when compared with traditional WAN products. These benefits include reduced capital and operational costs at the WAN edge, improved provisioning times and enhanced branch uptime.

Key features and benefits:

  • Best inclusive feature set: cloud-based operation, fully featured WAN with WiFi and firewall in one box
  • Best inbuilt resilience: can use multiple access and mix technologies; including LTE and Ultrafast Broadband (FTTP and
  • Best range of enhanced features: PCI compliance, monitoring, Daisy WiFi, Hosted Voice Services and many more
  • Best flexibility: use of any internet access for true carrier independence
  • Best value and prices: unbeatable prices with a plethora of features aimed at reducing your network cost
  • Best margin generating opportunity: SD-WAN is the hottest topic in the network market
  • Best provisioning process: simple, using our Daisy Wholesale Portal (DWP)
  • Best management process: Partner controlled via a cloud-based portal which is straightforward to monitor and operate

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