With Highlight’s proactive 24/7 alerting and reporting, resellers can clearly see if any of their customers experience issues and subsequently ensure minimal disruption to critical internet services.

Daisy Wholesale provides all its Managed Ethernet Partners with access to Highlight’s cloud service free of charge. Partners then have the option to upgrade to different levels depending on customers’ needs.

Why Daisy?

  • Cloud based application
  • Broaden your IT portfolio
  • Empower your customers to monitor their own networks
  • Simple view of a network
  • See all activity in real-time
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Designed to be viewed by anyone
  • Tier 0 is FREE
  • Benefits all departments from sales and customer service through to operations

Key benefits of Highlight:

  • Monitor the health of your circuits
  • Establish potential drains and free up bandwidth
  • Identify bandwidth and circuit upgrade opportunities
  • Provide your customers with the ability to see their network for themselves
  • Quickly and easily pinpoint the cause of a fault

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