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Co-Location Data Centre Offer

Running out of data centre space?

  • Full Rack – £875 per month SAVE over £3,000 a year
  • Half Rack - £450 per month SAVE over £1,500 a year
  • Quarter Rack - £250 per month SAVE over £300 a year

FREE INSTALLATION on all of our collocation products at our South Coast Data Centre.

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All of our Daisy Wholesale co-location data centres are of N+1 standard providing customers with access to highly secure, scalable, high power rack and suite environment. The Data centre facilities have high power and cooling densities of up to 25kW/100AMP per rack.

Suites are constructed with fire rated steel clad wall panels. Internally the racking system in place allows high efficiency and management of cooling using aisle containment.

So whether your customers are looking to simply run regular backups off-site or to replicate their data off-site our high availability systems keep both the data and system replicated off-site, enabling continuous access to their systems and data.

5 Reasons why you should use a Daisy Wholesale Data Centre

1. Highly secure, carrier class data centre facilities
2. Tier 1 network stability and reliability
3. Fully scalable with room to grow as your requirements change
4. Direct access to Daisy Wholesale network
5. Onsite remote hands 24/7

To find more about the Co-location hosting offer call 08000 350 790 or click here to make an enquiry.